Lateral Internal Sphincterectomy in the acute phase of hemorrhoids

The lateral internal sphincterectomy (L.I.S) is the procedure of choice for chronic

anal fissure heals and relives symptoms that are because the internal anal sphincter is

always under tension in the chronic anal fissure.

More recent studies show that patients with hemorrhoids in the acute phase tend

to have a higher resting anal canal tone, that is the smooth muscle of the anal canal,

tends to be tighter than average.

Constipation and other reasons add to these troubles. Because straining during a

bowel movement increases pressure in the anal canal and pushes hemorrhoids again

the sphincter muscle, which add to increase the tone in the internal sphincter.

Usually, the most of the patients have the internal sphincter always under tension

(96% of the patients).

In our clinic, the lateral internal sphincterectomy (L.I.S.) is the procedure of choice

for the treatment of the hemorrhoids in the acute phase in all the patients.

In the past 25 years we have treated more than 1000 patients with lateral internal

sphincterectomy in acute phase of hemorrhoids, and they never had any incontinence-
infection or recurrence of the hemorrhoids, or any other symptoms.

All the patients were happy and satisfied with the outcome of this method.

The operation time is 3 minutes under general anesthesia, the patient stay only 24

hours in the hospital.

Nimer G. Shaheen

Director of surgical clinic

Athens Medical Center